What is a Health Coach?

What is a health coach? | Rare Broad | rarebroad.com

I’ve been a health coach for 6 years, originally graduating from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and so much has changed on the nutrition landscape (which as a lifelong learner, is something I love about this field!).

But one thing hasn’t changed – the understanding of what, exactly, a health coach is.

And to be fair, the health field alone is a confusing landscape to navigate. Riddled with companies who profit off of your shame and insecurities, it feels like their one true goal is to pump out as much conflicting and misleading information as possible to keep you dependent on their “expertise”.

So when what I do comes up in conversation and I mention that I’m a health coach I usually get asked, “How much protein should I be eating? How many calories? What do you think of this detox I’m thinking about? Will you make me a meal plan?”

Or my all-time favorite, “Sooo, you’re like a soccer coach? But for food?”

⚽ = 🥕 ?

Honestly, as much as it makes me giggle, it’s also the most accurate understanding.

Because as I always say – as much as it’s about the food, it’s not about the food.

A holistic approach takes into consideration how all the pieces fit together.

Think of it like a flat tire.

The Problem: We feel like shit and want to make a change. This is our “flat tire”

The Quick Fix: Following the 30 Days to a Sups Sexy Bod program is like filling our flat tire up with air. It’s a temporary fix and not one that is going to support you, or your car, for very long.

That’s because the leak itself needs to be addressed.

The Solution: We need to pull out our thinking caps here. We need to ask questions: Is there a puncture or tear somewhere? Did I run over a 5-mile track of nails? Did I really piss someone off who took their revenge out on my tires?

This leak needs to be fixed first to keep the air inside the tire.

As a health coach, I work with clients to create a solid “container” FIRST so the health and wellness changes they want to create can be fully and (almost) effortlessly supported.

The work up front isn’t easy. It’s not fast or sexy like a diet. The immediate effect isn’t clear. But in the long run, you will have a strong foundation to lean on – making changes to your diet and lifestyle so. much. easier. One might even say, a piece of cake. 🍰

Everyone I have ever spoken with KNOWS diets don’t really work. They know it’s not the best or ideal option. But usually, it’s the only solution they know. It offers concrete steps they can take to get results.

If you’re ready to get out of the endless loop and find a real solution I would love to have you apply for a complimentary 60-minute call with me. I like to call them my Knockout Goal Sessions.

This is a deep dive intensive where we put our heads together to discover what you’re really craving. Because it’s almost never the first, second (or third) reason you think it is.

If you want to find your unique key to knocking out your goals every single time I would thrilled to have the chance to work together.

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