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Six-Week Group Coaching Program


When embarking on a healthier lifestyle you brain probably looks a little like this: 

Should I be counting calories? Macros? Grams? Should I watch the scale every day or measure every body part? More carbs? Less carbs? Is sugar good or evil? How much protein should I really be eating? What even is keto? Clarissa talks a lot about how much weight she’s lost, maybe I should do what she’s doing? Ugh, maybe I should just take a nap...”



You know diets don’t work – but you don’t know what your other options are. 

Here’s the truth – we’ve picked up so much diet messaging over the years it’s become hard to tell what’s truly healthy and what’s straight up bullshit. And the diet industry thrives on this confusion. It keeps their well-oiled machine chugging along sucking people and spitting them back out just as unhappy as when they started.


Which is exactly why I created my signature program, Revamp.

Revamp is a six-week coaching program designed to walk you through creating a solid foundation of healthy habits and unlearn toxic dieting behaviors.

Join the Six-Week BETA Group Coaching Program, Revamp and start creating your best, most bad-ass life



WEEK ONE | Creating a Foundation

We’ll dive right into setting up a solid foundation to build up other habits off of by focusing on water intake, food tracking (in a way you WON’T hate, I promise) and getting enough sleep.

So many of us are walking around over exhausted and incredibly dehydrated. These two things alone affect our mood and energy in a major way. When they’re causing havoc in our lives it makes it all the more difficult to put the habits we’re striving for into place.

WEEK TWO | The Success Setup

We start to get a little more serious by bringing in one food “rule” you can absolutely stick to – eating one serving of fruit each day. Easy peasy, right? We’re keeping it simple so our focus can be on your pantry makeover and learn how to meal plan in a way that works for your body’s needs and your unique lifestyle.

Because let’s be real if you don’t have time to dedicate a whole day to planning and prepping complex recipes it’s never going to get done. Period.

WEEK THREE | Your Mood, Your Move(ment)

This is the week things start to get a little more difficult because we introduce a piece to the healthy living puzzle so many people struggle with – vegetables. Yup. But slow and steady is the name of our game so we’re just incorporating one serving of vegetables a day. I’m here by your side to help you find a way to make this super easy and make sure you find a way to incorporate this habit in a way you can enjoy.

We’ll also start mood tracking and incorporate movement (aka exercise). Again, this will be in a way that makes sense for YOU so it won’t mean spending two hours at the gym or even thirty-minutes if you don’t want to. We’ll find an option you can look forward to that fits your schedule and energy.

WEEK FOUR | Your Diet Detox

Halfway into the program and we’re starting to see a solid foundation of habits forming.

We’ve been stacking our healthy habit basics and it’s time to start doubling up. This week we focus on having two servings fruit each day. I know you can do this one easy-peasy!

This week is one of my favorites because we tackle learning how to recognize diet behavior and how it manifests for us in our day to day life. We’ve picked up a lot of problematic and garbage beliefs over the years that we don’t necessarily realize are kicking around or see how they are harming us. While we’re taking those thoughts and beliefs to the trash we will also embark on the one and only type of detox I approve – a media detox. The goal is to create a healthy, supportive digital environment to hang out in. Claim your leisure time and make it yours.

WEEK FIVE | Less Rules, More Mindset

Just because we’re nearing the end doesn’t mean we’re winding down. This week we’re upping our daily vegetable goal to two servings. I’ll be right there with you to make it super easy, doable and delicious.

My second favorite week! In week 5 we take everything we learned last week and turn towards what we can do instead. You’ll learn all about intuitive eating; what it is, what it isn’t and why I think it’s a critical key to your health journey. We will also work on beginning to get a handle on negative thinking. Intuitive eating is not easy after a lifetime of diet culture and a lot of judgment can come up. We’ll be sure to nip that in the bud so it can be (relatively) smooth sailing ahead.

WEEK SIX | Making Time For You

Our last week of the program and we’re making it count by upping our daily veg habit to aim for three servings a day.

We’re going to plan for success beyond the challenge by learning how to manage our time and create space for self-care. It’s important to me that you are able to continue making progress well after our time together. So we wrap up week six with an emphasis in making a commitment in your calendar each day to spend on your own personal well-being.


You Also Get:

  • a private Facebook group with other participants
  • weekly Lives inside the Facebook group to get answers to any and all questions
  • daily accountability


Join the Six-Week BETA Group Coaching Program, Revamp and start creating your best, most bad-ass life



Meaghan has done wonders for me in so many aspects of my life. Letting go of traditional “diet culture” was very difficult for me.

Not only have we destroyed the tendencies to migrate to those habits completely but she has taught me how to love myself again and how to create good healthy habits and set goals that make my mind AND body happy.” – Danielle Lemaire


Meaghan helped me build a self-confidence I never knew I had for my body. She taught me how to love my body.

She showed me that I had to love my body as it was and through healthy decisions, it would transform but without loving myself/body the transformation would be difficult.” – Courtney Saad

Let’s start making easy, sustainable changes together.

Join the Six-Week BETA Group Coaching Program, Revamp and start creating your best, most bad-ass life


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