Here at Rare Broad, we are learning how to enjoy food together. Because even though I’ve been a health coach since 2012 and can crack open a package of Oreos without devouring the whole thing in one sitting (okay, most of the time). I haven’t reached food nirvana either.

And honestly, I think anyone who tells you they have is trying to sell you the equivalent of snake oil.

In a world that is constantly measuring us against impossible standards, I have found that more often than not the women that I talk to have one common underlying need: some genuinely kind words.

Someone to squeal with excitement over their accomplishments. Someone to call them out and say “Hey girl you’ve been killing it, and you deserve a break”.

A break from the relentless sprint towards that ever elusive finish line. A chance to sit back and revel in how far they’ve come.

And that moment, the one where it clicks that “Yes, I am killing it. I’m making this happen”, has been my favorite part of each and every one of those conversations. I love it more than the food. More than the goal setting (and I really love goal setting).

Because we never give ourselves that credit. We never stop to celebrate our own achievements. We prefer to rush forth to the next thing and the next. We are terrified of falling behind, forgotten in the dust cloud of everyone else’s carefully laced Nike’s.

But the “game” is rigged. I’ve watched women throughout my life, as I’m sure you have too, struggle with diets. Always blaming themselves for “failing” when they could no longer keep up with the strict rules.

What if I told you there is another way?

That there’s another way to feel amazing in your body today, here and now. Before the weight loss or gain, you’ve been seeking for years. What if I told you there is room for both birthday cake and giant salads. A way to feel in control and amazing, from week one. To be just as happy in before photos as in any after ones. (I’ve never seen someone smile in their before picture, have you?)

You see, food does not dictate what kind of person you are. Your weight and body shape cannot and do not determine your worth. And you certainly don’t need to compete with other people or tear others down to build yourself up.

And that’s exactly what Rare Broad is all about. Deconstructing diet culture and working towards rebuilding a new one. One with room for all body types.


And together we can work to figure out exactly what you need to help you feel the best you can.

I don’t make wild promises or provide you with those strangely addictive yet impossible challenges. You won’t have to take pictures of every meal you eat or save up your calories/points for your cheat day at the end of the week.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Let’s hang out: